Kurt Johnson
Director of Communications

The Pulpit Rock

A graduate of Texas Lutheran University, Kurt has been a consultant on legislative and Texas state agency issues for more than 25 years. He also is the former associate editor and writer for Texas Co-Op Power magazine and was on the staff of the Texas Register.

He has worked as a reporter and managing editor for newspapers in Texas and has received the Anson Jones Award for communicating health information to the public and the Texas Press Association award for an article on criminal justice.  Prior to that, he was a researcher and speech writer for assigned committees in the Texas Senate.

Consulting and lobbying activities over the past three decades have included working in the areas of electric utilities, solid and hazardous waste disposal, water resources, housing, telecommunications, land development, county land-use planning, health care, and agency regulations across a variety of industries.  He also has served as a media relations specialist for clients and has worked with major media entities, including national television networks.

Kurt and his wife, Shirley, live in northwest Austin.